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Obsidian Designs Ltd

Agni Manitite (Pearl of the Divine Fire)

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Agni Manitite, also known on the market as Pearl of Fire, is an extremely rare tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia. 

These tektites were formed when a meteorite crash-landed over the Indonesian archipelago.

What makes this so rare, is that most of the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater, resulting in this tektite being incredibly hard to come by. 

Agni Manitite helps direct your own personal will to that which truly brings happiness and joy into your life. This results in better thinking, strength, and positivity that will spread throughout your physical vessel like wildfire.

Agni Manitite pushes one's leadership values to the next level and helps you to slowly bring your own community together on a mission of peace, light, and self-betterment.

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Agni Manitite

I love it! It came packaged in this beautiful velvety pouch that I keep it in. The crystal itself is quite beautiful as well.