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Obsidian Designs Ltd

Mini Pendulum Gemstone Necklace

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1. Clear Quartz - Illumination, Clarity, Manifestation, Positive Energy, Spiritual Growth.

2. Flower Agate -  Expansion, New Beginnings, Inspiration, Realization, Success, Joy.

3. Rhodonite - Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Emotional Healing.

4. Sodalite - Strength, Energy, Connection to Higher-Self, Enlightenment.

5. Howlite - Wisdom, Calming, Insomnia Aid, Insight, Patience, Negative Energy Release

6. Gold Sandstone - Creativity, Harmonious Relationships, Optimism, Concentration.

7.  Tiger's Eye - Physical Wellness, Protection, Grounding, Mindfulness, Balanced Energy.

8. Rose Quartz - Love, Happiness, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding.

9. Kambaba Jasper - Inner Peace, Tranquility, Social Confidence, Meditation Aid, Clarity

10. Dalmation Jasper - Playfulness, Spontaneity, Joy, Cooperation, Resolve, Safe Sleep.

All pendants come on a 16 Inch Faux Leather Cord - meaning card included ♡