Red Tiger's Eye (Dragon's Eye) Gemstone Bracelet

Red Tiger's Eye (Dragon's Eye) Gemstone Bracelet

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This listing is for ONE 8mm Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet 

Red Tiger’s Eye is a stone of passion and stimulation. It is a variety of Tiger’s Eye. It shares many of the qualities of the more commonly found brown and gold variety of this beautiful gemstone, such as protection and grounding properties.

If you feel a lack of momentum in your life or in your approach to tasks that used to fill you with joy, call upon the energies of Red Tiger’s Eye to help you to reconnect with your own natural talents, skills, and abilities.

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Affirmation: I have constant protection surrounding me deflecting anything not for my highest good.

Bracelets are 16.5cm in circumference - if you need a custom size made please inform us at check out.

Please Note: Larger sizes may be an additional cost