Auralite - 23 Gemstone Bracelet

Auralite - 23 Gemstone Bracelet

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This listing is for ONE 7.5mm - 8mm Auralite - 23 Gemstone Bracelet. 

Auralite-23 is a very rare blend of crystals and one of Earth’s oldest minerals; estimated to have formed around 1.2 - 1.5 billion years ago. The only locality in existence is the place of its initial discovery - Auralite-23 was only discovered in 2007 north of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada.

The name is derived from the “23” minerals that are contained within the chemical composition of the stone (the main being an Amethyst base with inclusions within).

Auralite-23 is an excellent tool for spiritual healing and brings about inner purification. It increases our psychic sensitivity, offers insights into truth, enhances lucid dreaming, creates balanced awakenings, and manifests experiences.

Hold Auralite-23 at both the Crown and Heart chakras to create a powerful flow of energy.

Bracelets are 16.5cm in circumference - if you need a custom size made please inform us at check out.

Please Note: Larger sizes may be an additional cost.

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