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Obsidian Designs Ltd

Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet

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This listing is for ONE 8mm Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet.

Tourmaline is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence among its users. It's also used to balance yin-yang energies, as it's considered a physical bridge to the spiritual.

Rainbow Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone formed from multiple varieties of tourmaline. As a rainbow stone, it is excellent for working with chakras and restoring balance to one’s energies.

Using this stone promotes joy and happiness by transmuting negative energies and sending them back into the world as unconditional love.

Chakra: All

Affirmation: "Happiness is not around the corner, it's here for me to grab right now."

Bracelets are 16.5cm in circumference - if you need a custom size made please inform us at check out.

Please Note: Larger sizes may be an additional cost