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Obsidian Designs Ltd

Smoky Peach Moonstone Tumbled Stone

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Smoky Peach Moonstone is a unique variety called Microcline Graphic Feldspar and is a beautiful combination of Peach Moonstone & Smoky Quartz from Madagascar. 

Peach Moonstone can assist in soothing emotional issues such as depression or anger. Peach moonstone is the emotional healer of the moonstone family, allowing you to see beneath the surface of your challenges and explore and heal the feelings you uncover.

In addition to having the same properties as Quartz, Smoky Quartz is an excellent protecting and grounding stone. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, helping to disperse fear and lift depression & negativity. 

It brings emotional calmness, relieves stress & anxiety, aids concentration, and promotes positive thoughts and actions. 

Chakra: Root & Scaral 

This listing is for a single (1) Tumbled Stone. Please note that these are stock photos of a few of the healing crystal tumbled stones that we have available.

These are natural Crystals & Gemstones, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as size, shape, inclusion, and color.